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Table 6 and figures 12, 13 & 14 show results of indirect tensile strength and predicted fatigue curves for all these mixes. LSA–6, which was prepared by vibration method, gave highest value of indirect strength. 64 E-16 4 inches Core samples were taken from 6 inches specimens, then tested for indirect tensile strength. FIGURE 12 PREDICAET FATIGUE CURVE FOR LSA–3 & LAS‡ Mechanical tests for bituminous mixes: characterization, design and quality control 22 FIGURE 13 PREDICTED FATIGUE CURVE FOR LSA–8 & LSA–7 FIGURE 14 PPREDICTED FATIGUE CURVE FOR LSA–4 & LSA–12 Figures 12 and 13 show that at low strain values, the fatigue life of LSA–6 and LSA–7 are higher than that of LSA– 3 and LSA–8 respectively.

2 Vibrating compaction The vibrating compaction in the laboratory has to imitate the vibration of the roller in the field. There were taken two electric motors and fixed on a plate and then put on a rectangular form with a dimension of 19,5×29 cm. The motor works conter-rotating. Motors and plate have a weight of 20 kg, the motors make 3000 vibrations in the minute. Extensive investigations have shown, that to obtain a degree of compaction of 98% the time of compaction must be 30 seconds. The temperature during the compaction progress must be constantly 135°C.

Einfluß der Radlasten und Reifeninnendrücke auf die Spurrinnenbildung an Asphaltstraßen. Mitteilungen des Prüfamtes für Bau von Landverkehrswegen der Technischen Universität München, Heft 43, 1984 /6/ Zusätzliche Technische Vorschriften und Richtlinien für die Herstellung von Brückenbelägen auf Beton (ZTV-BEL-B). RENKEN Institut für Straßenwesen, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany 1 Introduction There is a great number of material tests in existance showing a high degree of technical achievement and precision.

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