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Observe that the appendices A1 -- A4 are absent from this scanned model.

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4. Conclusion We have presented ample examples of scaring phenomena for the first time in AKP. Especially we have found how the fluctuation of energy levels and smooth POT prediction for the scaring levels are compromised by using the advantage of AKP endowed by a chaoticity changing parameter. Although the theme is old, the scaring phenomenon is fascinating and we hope this contribution fulfills a gap in the literature. Acknowledgement Both KK and TS thank Professor Toshiya Takami for sharing his wisdom with us.

18] Kustaanheimo, P. & Stiefel, E. (1965). Perturbation theory of Kepler motion based on spinor regularization, Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik 218: 204-219. [19] Husimi, K. (1940). Some formal properties of the density matrix, Proceedings of the Physico-Mathematical Society of Japan 22: 264-314. [20] Wintgen, D. (1988). Semiclassical Path-Integral Quantization of Nonintegrable Hamiltonian Systems, Physical Review Letters 61: 1803-1806. [21] Takami, T. (1992). Semiclassical Interpretation of Avoided Crossings for Classically Nonintegrable Systems, Physical Review Letters 68: 3371-3374.

On the other hand, according to classical mechanics there can be no diamagnetism and no paramagnetism at all. We will deal with these two issues, showing how it is possible to classically derive the London equations and the existence of magnetic moments. This is not to say that there is a classical explanation of these phenomena. What is meant is that, specifically, the London equations of superconductivity can be derived from a classical Lagrangian. It is worth noting that a previous attempt in this direction, due to W.

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