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By Claire Marton (Ed.)

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A simple and elegant process that falls between Penning and collisional ionization was demonstrated by Arrathoon et al. (1973)and recently studied in detail by Hultzsch et al. Consider the collision of He+ with Ba. The energy released by capture of a free electron to form He in its ground state is greater than the sum of the first two ionization potentials of Ba. Hence, the process He' + Ba -+ He + Ba2+ + e can occur in arbitrarily slow collisions. Hultzsch et al. found that He+ + Ba goes through a step in which (Ba+)*is formed by electron transfer, probably of a 5p electron, from Ba to R.

Hultzsch et al. 27 eV electrons. 5 eV. With He+ on Ca, the system undergoes its autoionization during the lifetime of the (HeCa)' compound state. No estimate was made of the absolute cross Ba. section for this system; it is not as large by any means as that for Hef + ' + 3. Collisional and Associative Detachment Turning now to collisional detachment, A-+ M+A+ M + e we note the similarity of this process in low-energy collisions to associative detachment, A + M +AM + e (13) which was introduced in Part I (Berry, 1980a) in parallel with associative ionization.

This brings the dissociative attachment process to about the same level of understanding as dissociativerecombination of triatomics. , 1979) and cyclic anhydrides (Cooper and Compton, 1972, 1973). The latter were shown to produce COz- in a metastable state. The interpretation of the decomposition of such molecules has been given in '* ELEMENTARY ATTACHMENT AND DETACHMENT PROCESSES 35 terms of a vibrational predissociation (Klots, 1976a,b)and related to similar processes for neutrals (Quack and Troe, 1974).

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