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By Hank Marquis, Eric A. Smith

ISBN-10: 1430251255

ISBN-13: 9781430251255

ISBN-10: 3540780815

ISBN-13: 9783540780816

The following, best-selling authors Eric Smith and Hank Marquis express VB programmers the right way to practice many universal programming projects akin to effective sorting or information manipulation. by utilizing broad examples and resource code, they educate pros how, why and while to exploit specific algorithms and the way to conform them fast to their very own purposes.

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Given the result and at least one of the factors, you can determine the missing factor. This is ideal for ciphering because we can use the ASCII value of the data as one factor, and some other secret value as the other factor. We XOr them together. The result is the ciphered string. To decipher, use the first point we mentioned. XOring twice returns you to where you started. Thus, to retum to the original message, just XOr one more time with the same password. The output is the original string!

Consider the following with a quick trip to the Visual Basic debug window: Print IsNumeric("hank") which retums: False IsNumeric correctly realizes that the string ''hank" cannot be treated as a number; thus, you could assume (correctly) that because of this test it is a string. Even changing "hank" to "2hank" won't fool IsNumeric. You might therefore think that code such as the following snippet would determine whether a string is alpha or numeric: If Not IsNumeric(something$) Then ' Alpha! Else 'Numeric!

Public Sub Remove(sString1 As String, ByVal sString2 As String) Dirn j j = InStr(sString1, sString2) While j > o Wend End Sub sString1 = Left$(sString1, j - 1) &_ Mid$(sString1, j + Len(sString2)) j = InStr(sString1, sString2) Listing 2-8: The code illustrates compacting astring by removing substrings. The Remove procedure is a generic string compacter. A more typical implementation might be similar tothat shown in Usting 2-9, in the StripBlanks function. StripBlanks works like the Visual Basic Trim function, except that StripBlanks removes nulls and tabs, as well as embedded spaces.

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