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Betrothed?How, with out a moment's forethought, may well beautiful. omit Quinn Peverill be engaged to be married to a guy she slightly understands? Lord Marcus Northrop is good-looking and bold, and possibly a prize for any prepared maid. yet all it takes is a small sequence of mishaps and a whiff of scandal, and without warning this stranger is her groom-to-be!Marcus can't most likely marry! it's going to intervene along with his existence. nonetheless, there's something to be acknowledged for this sensuous, headstrong girl -- and the will she enflames inside him easily can't be overlooked. What he does not be aware of is that Quinn guards secrets and techniques of her personal -- and stocks with him a lust for perilous event. yet will this ardour be adequate to hitch risky double lives while neither Quinn nor Marcus dares to like?

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Lady Claridge and Lady Constance rode in censorious silence, and Lord Claridge appeared more nervous than ever, alternately patting Quinn's hand and shooting worried glances at his wife, while nodding at the captain's pleasantries. "Another fine, fair day," Captain Peverill declared, as they turned into Grosvenor Square. "_A_ good omen for your marriage, my dear. " Quinn found his cheerfulness oppressive. She felt as though a cage was closing about her, inescapable and inexorable. Once married, she would never be able to return to America, to the home and work she loved.

He glanced at Quinn, to find her looking more frightened than ever. "We scarcely know each other, after all. " She relaxed visibly, and he was startled to feel a pinprick of hurt. That's why he'd phrased it that way, after all, to reassure her that he didn't mean to force unwanted attentions upon her. She turned her green gaze up to him, but before he could decipher the expression there, she withdrew it again. "No, no need at all," she echoed to his brother. " Captain Peverill descended upon them then, and his joviality more than made up for the reserve of some of the others.

You there! Bill! We got summat for Sally. " Mick called to a burly man behind the bar. Before he could respond, Quinn shouted out to the assembled patrons, "Please! Won't someone here help me? " Surely _someone_ in all this crowd must have a modicum of decency! But though many of them stared at her with varying degrees of interest, none came forward to help. One tall, thin lad who looked vaguely familiar stared longer than the others, giving her a moment's hope, but then he frowned and disappeared through a rear doorway.

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