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This can be the 1st e-book in English to accommodate the dual matters of outdated Norse poetry and a few of the vernacular treatises on local poetry that have been a conspicuous characteristic of medieval highbrow lifestyles in Iceland and the Orkneys from the mid-twelfth to the fourteenth centuries.

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A number of these terms are discussed further in the chapters on Old Norse poetic treatises. 39 chapter three An Indigenous Typology of Old Norse Poetry 2: Genres and Subgenres of Skaldic Verse The genres of skaldic poetry As with eddic poetry, agonistic speech acts are never far from the surface of the classificatory vocabulary of the genres of skaldic verse. Thus it will come as no surprise that there are many Old Norse literary terms for poems of praise and blame, which point to one of poetry’s main social purposes, to serve as a public endorsement of the dominant values of early Norse, especially Norwegian, court society and of the figure of its ruler, in particular, as a leader in war, a tough fighter himself, and a generous rewarder of his personal entourage.

Lsen 1884: 68). Many modern dictionaries and scholars (see Tate 1978) use stefjabálkr to refer specifically to the middle section of a drápa in which there is more than one run of stanzas separated by refrains, but the medieval evidence suggests that stefjamél and stefjabálkr are synonymous. g. Haukr Valdísarson’s 36 technical terms valued of the skaldic kinds, because of its formality and elaborate construction. Its name may indeed refer to its defining structural feature if, as Sigurñur Nordal suggested (1931–2: 148), it derives from the phrase kvæñi drepit stefjum (‘a poem set with refrains’).

Full-blown dróttkvætt is clearly different in a number of ways from traditional fornyrñislag, but many half-way situations lie between them, and these are often sensitive to indigenous genres or subgenres, which cut across the eddic–skaldic divide of modern scholarship. Earlier in this survey, we saw that poetry associated with prophecy and didacticism usually adopted eddic measures, even though some of it was not of great antiquity. Another genre that sometimes favoured eddic modes was poetry in praise of rulers, and especially praise-poems belonging to the group termed in Old Norse erfikvæñi, or memorial poems.

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