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The 2 nice epics of (old) India, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, are written in a language, which differs from so-called classical Sanskrit in lots of info. either texts nonetheless are of an immense significance in India and different international locations. due to this, a grammar describing the entire diverse features of epic Sanskrit has been neglected beforehand. The Grammar of Epic Sanskrit will now shut this hole.

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60 (.... 1 )2, (2sg. inj. 704, (tmesis) pro piirmgall .... 60�, pm,i ... 346. Forms like the nom. and instr. pl. ;, the acc. sg. oftlle i-siems in -(i)yam or the infinitive in -lave (on all of which see above, par. ), common enough in Middle lndo­ Aryan', are completely absent from Epic Sanskrit. -acc. pI. in -ii ofthe n. a-stems is mel wilh - apart from a few rather doubtful cases (.... p. 55-56) - only in the stereotype blml'Oniini l'I'sI'ii (.... p. 55 and 1 1 1). In facl, almost all 'un-PalJinian' forms of Epic Sanskrit are im/O\'utions (see MANSION 1 93 1 : 80).

Iri. -). -). ht! -). -). -). -}. I ( -_-). _). ) Morphology: Also a number of changes the "OIm suffered are due to metrical exigen­ cies. The m. i- and II-Siems fanned a gen. pl. 9b, Parallel cases are -� lhose of lhe acc. sg. and nom. pI. m. fl'- (", , , Marked In the follOWing by bold r:ypes. ATY ( 1 889: 624-6251 628), HoPKINS (1901: 242-243 / 278-280 /457 [No. 45]), id. (1903: 8 with n. G . (1995: 2]-25). cr. iaro\'I1T"fl'lJu cMduyun C- -). 31 b. I. COBI . N DMLEN (1980; 78). 27): piiruf!!

YOfe�1O (.... 1, , See AiGr. UES (1990: 15O-153). The shonening of a long vowd before a double consonant al tbe seams of compounds - a feature of Ihe Tainiri)'a-SaJphilli - may be the first trace ofthe 'law of mom'. lhI13 (see AiGr. III § l I8a). perhaps an archalsnl. See A1Gr. III § 94 (also on Ihecommel1cemenl oflhis phcoomenol1 l11 the �gveda). , • S« A1Gr. III § 8906 (p. 178) On the workings of'paradigmallc levelllllg' see HocK (1986: 44-47). See WHfmEY § 402c: and AIGr. ho. however. viriom I sirfe (......

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