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By John Grimes

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It comprises etymological roots and the meanings of phrases basic to epistemology, metaphysics, and sensible teachings of the heterodox and orthodox faculties of Indian philosophy. Cross-referncing has been supplied and diverse charts are integrated that supply information about relationships, different types, and sourcebooks correct to the person faculties. This new and revised 3rd variation offers a entire dictionary of Indian philosophical phrases, offering the phrases in either devanagari and roman transliteration besides an English translation. It bargains exact meanings of phrases used as technical phrases inside specific philosophical platforms.

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26) my goal is to flesh out and push forward a contemporary Confucianism based on Neo‐Confucian orientations. Flanagan poses himself the following question: if we are aware of people who have responded perfectly to certain situations, even under considerable duress, why cannot we imagine people who do this all the time? Second, he queries whether a person can keep up his or her “moral guard” over the course of a whole life: “there are too many other things besides morality which need attending to, and being perfect is tiring after a while” [Flanagan 1991, 29–30].

1]. , 436n4]. [81n15]. ” There is another interesting discussion of “saints” in the Preface to Flanagan [1991]; Flanagan's main point is that we do not have an adequate theory of moral psychology to explain such exemplars. 4]. ” Huang explicitly raises the question of the appropriateness of taking shen to correspond to divinity or God in Western thought, and concludes that this is only apt if we follow certain revisionist Christian theologians in questioning the traditional notion of a deified, radically transcendent God.

I will discuss how these ideas connect to Neo‐Confucian “virtue ethics” in chapter 3. ) Translation from Brooks and Brooks [1998, 110], slightly modified. ) Translation from Mencius [1970, 150–1], slightly modified. See Csikszentmihalyi [2004]. One scholar notes that Page 18 of 23 Sheng /Sage some went so far as to divinize sages, but that this was unusual [Wang 1993, 24]. ) For discussion of this term, see the introduction. ) Zhou Dunyi, the Cheng brothers, and other Neo‐Confucians are briefly introduced in the Dramatis Personae.

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