New PDF release: A Buddhist Bible

By Dwight Goddard

An advent to Zen Buddhism.

Published by means of Beacon Press, fifth printing, 1996.

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And did the thought never come to you, that you also are subject to disease, that you cannot escape it? Did you never see in the world the corpse of a man or a woman, one or two or three days after death, swollen up, blueblack in colour, and full of corruption? And did the thought never come to you, that you also are subject to death, that you cannot escape it? 14 (1) ) Inconceivable is the beginning of this Samsara, not to be discovered a first beginning of beings, who, obstructed by ignorance and ensnared by craving, are hurrying and hastening through this round of rebirths.

And further, the disciple is clearly conscious in his going and coming; clearly conscious in looking forward and backward; clearly conscious in bending and stretching (any part of his body); clearly conscious in eating, drinking, chewing and tast­ ing: clearly conscious in discharging excrement and urine; clearly conscious in walking, standing, sitting, falling asleep and awakening; clearly conscious in speaking and in keeping silent. And further, the disciple contemplates this body from the sole of the foot upward, and from the top of the hair down­ ward, with a skin stretched over it, and filled with manifold impurities: This body consists of hairs, nails, teeth, skin, flesh, sinews, bones, marrow, kidneys, heart, liver, diaphragm, spleen, TH E WORD OF TH E BUDDHA 49 lungs, intestines, bowels, stomach, and excrement; of bile, phlegm, pus, blood, sweat, lymph, tears, serum, spittle, nasal mucus, oil of the joints, and urine.

He has understood what consciousness is, and how it arises, and passes away. Therefore, I say, the Perfect One has won complete deliverance through the extinction, fading away, disappearance, rejection, and getting rid of all opinions and conjectures, of all inclination to the vainglory of I and mine. 134) Whether Perfect Ones (Buddhas) appear in the world, or whether Perfect Ones do not appear in the world, it still remains a firm condition, an immutable fact and fixed law: that all formations are impermanent; that all formations are subject to suffering; that everything is without an Ego.

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