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A Call to Action”; New York Daily News, January 4, 2002, “Firefighter Mag Raps 9/11 Probe”). And don’t forget Building 7. Nothing hit Building 7, and still it collapsed in a symmetrical fashion. Building 7 was Part of the World Trade Center complex, standing 44 stories high. On September 11, during my live radio show, I called a friend, Jimmie Wright who has a degree in structural engineering and who worked in the World Trade Center complex in the World Financial Center Building. Mr. ” Later in the day we talked to Jimmie Wright again.

The CIA asset bin Laden was delivering time and time again, and Bill Clinton was there, protecting him, refusing to take files from foreign countries like Sudan, Iraq, and Afghanistan that indicated where Al-Qaeda was in the world, where they were active -- even in the continental United States. Sudan offered to arrest bin Laden on three separate occasions. S. Missed a Chance to Get Bin Laden). In reality the New World Order scheme is a lot bigger than just Republicans or Democrats. The truth is that the Central Intelligence Agency, controlled by Wall Street, has been grooming Bin Laden and his family over the last fifty years to carry out dangerous projects in the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa.

Laid it out. He had to go through hell on earth in Washington. He had to fight like a tiger. Everyone in his own bureau and in the Department of Justice was against him, and still is. AJ: Now, the FBI agents in Minnesota knew about all this and had the evidence, but they couldn’t even get a wire tap or a warrant to search these guys. We’re talking about some of the actual hijackers. DS: Exactly. This woman (Jayna Davis)that was talking to me. She had other contacts in Naval intelligence and other areas.

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